The Information Diet

By Clay A. Johnson
Pub. 2012

This book takes the analogy of seeking a healthier food diet and applies the same principles to the consumption of information. The key idea is: consume information locally, close to the source, and with intention.

Favorite Quotes:

Consume deliberately. Take in information over affirmation

All to often, we consume information at the top of the trophic pyramid of truth, and as such, we’re getting only the information that has been selected by a network of operators interested not in telling us the truth, but in giving us what sells. We have to move towards the base of the pyramid if we want to see what’s really going on.1Johnson, 80

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be2Thomas Jefferson, 1816.

If there’s an issue that you care about, bypass the middlemen and speak directly to your representative through the official means given to you – via,, or whitehouse.gov3Johnson 139

The pattern here is simple: seek to get information directly from sources, and when the information requires you to act, interact directly with those sources. An over-reliance on third-party sources for information and action reduces your ability to know the truth about what’s happening, and dilutes your ability to cause change.4Johnson 140

Programmers… solve problems using your skills.5Johnson 144

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